PCS planning work has started

The "PCS Major Release" was implemented on 03 November 2014 and all preparatory work of the infrastructure managers to establish national specific parameter is completed.

As of 19 November 2014 railway undertakings (RU’s) can open their dossiers for the timetable period 2016 (13.12.2015-10.12.2016) in PCS.

Whereas RU’s in passenger traffic have to complete all tasks untill the beginning of January for the coordination conference FTE A (12.-15.01.2015) the RU’s in freight traffic open their first dossiers in January 2015.

On one hand the new functionalities of the RailFreightCorridor are going to be implemented in PCS on 08 December 2014, on the other hand the catalogues of the „PreArrangedPaths“ will not be published in PCS till 12 January 2015.

The FTE will accompany it’s members through the entire process with the publication of common planning dates.

All RU pursue the first milestone: To have the PCS-Dossiers ready until Monday, 13 April 2015 to submit path requests for the timetable period 2016 in passenger and freight traffic.


Overview of Members