FTE Workshop PCS for Freight Traffic

Under the motto “our freight trains connect Europe” the Forum Train Europe FTE organises the 8th workshop Path Coordiniation System PCS in freight traffic from January 20 – 22 Janury in Berlin...

This expert oriented event is aimed at Railway Undertakings (RU) that use the web based communication system PCS for the submission of the „Pre-Arranged Paths“ for the timetable 2016.

The interest of the RUs for the PCS application to coordinate international freight trains has grown steadily . The PCS community of the FTE counts currently 30 cargo railway undertakings.

PCS user will have the opportunitiy to get to know the new RailFreightCorridor functionalities (Flex-Paps and Network-Paps) and it’s business processes in the workshop thanks to practical excersises.

The FTE shall ensure to create the best possible conditions for the introduction of PCS with it’s members.

For questions please contact Matteo Soldini (matteo.soldinisbbch)


Overview of Members