Coordination Conference FTE A

The Passenger Traffic Coordination Conference FTE A was held in Ljubljana from 12 – 15 January 2015. ..

Approximately 50 companies and 120 participants from 24 European countries started planning for the international train connections in pa...ssenger traffic for the timetable 2016.

 On the occasion of the plenary session on 13 January 2015 the participants were introduced to the project «Revision of the International Timetabling Process» along with news about the Path Coordination System (PCS).

As a result of this working week the Railway undertakings (RU) harmonized internationally their concepts and train path requests, that have been submitted by the infrastructure managers (IM) through PCS till 19.01.2015. The IM have to present their study results to the RUs until 16 March 2015.


Overview of Members