FTE B Passenger Traffic, 30.03.-02.04.2015

At Coordination Conference FTE B Passenger Traffic, which took place from 30 March till 02 April 2015 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), participated 120 Planners of all Europe.

The main objectives of this second conference of the year 2015 were on the one hand to harmonize the definitive offer concept for the timetable 2016 (13.12.2015 – 10.12.2016) on the international level between the railway undertakings (RUs) and on the other hand to prepare the path requests for international Passenger Traffic that will be submitted to the Infrastructure Managers (IMs) till Monday 13 April 2015 via Path Coordination System (PCS). From 14 April till 06 July 2015 the IMs will elaborate the paths on national level and harmonize it on international level. The draft timetable will be submitted by the IMs to the RUs on 06 July 2015 via PCS.

The IMs participated to the Coordination Conference FTE B as advisor; they got an overview of the planned capacity requirements by the RUs for timetable 2016.

During the Conference the participants got an information about the last developments in PCS as the new functionality "Make Observations" that the RUs will use for communicate the observations to the draft timetable in July 2015. Furthermore the participants were informed about the new PCS User-Interface that will put into production on 16 November 2015. For this reason the active PCS Users are asked to take part at the PCS Training from 02-03 November 2015 in Vienna.


Overview of Members