Passenger Traffic Working Group

From 13-14 September 2016 the Passenger Traffic Working Group FTE had a meeting chaired by SNCF Voyages, Miguel Quesada in Paris.

The work was focused on the main topic Train ID and Process Path Requests within TAP-TSI. Thanks to the presence of Mr. Christian Weber, co-chairman of the Joint Sector Group and expert TAF-TAP TSI, members of the FTE Passenger Transport Working Group were able to gain a deep insight into the complex subject matter of the technical specifications for interoperability (module path request).

Mr. Weber gave an overview of the legal basis TSI, the master plans for the passenger and freight traffic with the respective implementation periods, the description of the TSI objects (train, path, path request and case reference), the standardized messages for the data exchange in the path request process and the "Pilot Project for TSI Identifiers" for the years 2017-2019. In accordance with UIC leaflet 419-1, DB's representative presented the DB F application on the insertion of the international train number in the core element of the Train ID.

Considering the high complexity of the questions to be dealt with, the members of the Passenger Traffic Working Group FTE decided to describe the topic of the TAP-TSI (module path request), and in particular the composition of the core element of the Train ID, in a FTE passenger traffic position paper. As a first step, the aim is to create a common understanding of Train ID across Europe between RUs. It will then be decided in a second phase according to which principles the RUs want to form the core element of the Train ID.

For further information on the ordinary subjects of the Passenger Traffic Working Group FTE (PCS, TTR project, implementation of FTE Coordination Conferenes) and the TSI presentations, please contact Mr. Matteo Soldini (Project Manager FTE) +41 79 545 17 88. 


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