Redesign of International Timetabling Process (TTR)

Incomplete harmonisation of timetabling procedures between European countries makes it difficult to cooperate at the international level. To remedy this unsatisfactory situation, changes to these procedures are needed.

Both RNE and FTE felt the need for change. After all, we share a common interest to improve the timetable planning process. Thus a joint FTE-RNE project was launched with the support of ERFA (European Rail Freight Association).

The final objective of this project is a comprehensive international planning process. This should be supported by common IT systems and should function across the whole of Europe. The project has already attracted much interest and involves a large number of participants, both from Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers/Allocation Bodies.  

The project is currently preparing its final deliverables, with the complete timetabling process expected to be provided by the project team in February 2017. The project team will then give all concerned stakeholders an opportunity to take a look at the new process thanks to special events such as information events and personal visits. We will communicate these dates as soon as they have been set. 

After RNE and FTE Members have endorsed the new process, it will be gradually implemented on the basis of an agreed implementation plan. 

We anticipate that the redesigned timetabling process will meet market requirements to a much greater extent than previously, deliver the means for a more efficient and harmonised planning and increase the quality of European timetables altogether.  

If you would like to know more about this joint RNE-FTE project and what it could mean for your company, or if you wish to contribute your views, please get in touch with: Peter Bigler (Project Manager FTE),  +41 79 250 10 27


Overview of Members