Milestone in the TTR project

On 17 and 18 January 2017, the RU and IM working groups (WG1/2/3) have achieved a significant milestone in their common workshop held in Spiez (CH).

After two and a half years very intensive work, the technical description of the new timetable process has been jointly finalized. The project members of the technical working groups will meet again in March in order to complete the very last deliveries (Priority Rules and Commercial Conditions).

The present concept of the new, future process fulfils the defined requirements of the Applicants both for freight and passenger traffic sector and takes fully into account the very different market needs by an innovative and flexible approach.

Time has now come for me to bid farewell to TTR and FTE. Many thanks to all those who have accompanied and supported me in this project for their valuable contribution and the good collaboration during the past years. I wish you great success and ongoing motivation for the upcoming challenging steps.

Best regards,

Peter Bigler

Outgoing WG1 Leader „Market Requirements and RU Processes"


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