Passenger Traffic Working Group

From 21-22 February 2017 the Passenger Traffic Working Group FTE (WG FTE P) had a meeting chaired by SNCF Voyages, Miguel Quesada in Berne.

The whole afternoon on 21 February was dedicated to the main topic TAF-TAP TSI. Between November 2016 and February 2017 a small working group worked out 4 possible solutions for taking over the International Train Number (ITN) in the Train-Object. At the beginning of the workshop Stefan Schaefer (interconnective ag) reminded the participants of the basic principles of the TSI objects (train, path, path request and case reference) and he explained the standardization of the messages for the data exchange in the path request process according to TAF-TAP TSI. After this introductory part he presented the 4 possible solutions for inserting the ITN in the Train-Object. The members of the WG FTE P supported the approach and decided to set up a core group FTE ad-hoc composed of a few members of Passenger RUs for evaluating each solution individually (SWOT-Analysis) until the next meeting of WG FTE P on 26/27 September 2017. In addition of the ITN subject the core group will take into account during its analysis other topics as the rule played by the Commercial Train Number (CTN) in the TSI Objects. At the same time the FTE-Office contacted the Freight Working Group FTE (WG FTE F) for sharing the results of the work realized until today and for identifying areas of collaboration between the two WGs. At the end of the workshop Christian Weber, co-chairman of the Joint Sector Group, presented the latest developments in the Pilot Project for TSI Identifiers for the years 2017-2019.

On the second day Peter Jäggy (FTE) informed the members about the outcome from the RUAG Meeting (21 February 2017) related to the proposal for timetable updates 2019, for process deadlines 2018 for planning timetable 2019 and for setting up a new Task-Force Timetable for improving the Data Quality in PCS (first meeting on 21 March 2017). He also briefed the members about the next steps in the project TTR (endorsement phase in March 2017, approval phases in May and June 2017).

Matteo Soldini (FTE) gave the status of the project "Empty Envelope Concept" for PCS: PCS User-Group on 15 February, RUAG on 21 February and FTE WG P on 22 February proposed to postpone the implementation from November 2017 to November 2018. The final decision must be taken by the Management Board RNE.
At the meeting the proposals of the dates for EWP Transition Conference in 2018 and for Coordination Conference FTE A, FTE B and FTE C in Passenger Traffic in 2019 were approved by the WG FTE P. The final decision will be taken by the Commission FTE P on 31 May and Plenary Session FTE on 1 June 2017.

The next meeting of the Passenger WG FTE will be organized on 26 and 27 September 2017 in Berne.

For further information on the subjects of the Passenger Traffic Working Group FTE (TSI, PCS, TTR project) please contact Mr. Matteo Soldini (Project Manager FTE) at the telephone number +41 79 545 17 88News - Details en.


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