FTE A Personenverkehr 2018

At the coordination conference FTE A passenger traffic, which was held from 08 to 11 January 2018 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 120 production and timetabling experts from all over Europe participated.

From FTE Sibylle Oser, new Managing Director and Andrew Hermann, Senior Project Manager IT also took part and had the chance to introduce themselves to all the participants at the official dinner.

The main objectives of this first conference in 2018 were on the one hand to harmonize the international offering concepts for the timetable 2019 between the railway undertakings (RU) and on the other hand to prepare the requests for feasibility studies of the international passenger traffic, which has to be submitted to the Infrastructure Managers (IM) by the Path Coordination System (PCS). The IM carry out the path feasibility studies from 15 January till 12 March. Following the outcomes of these path feasibility studies will serve as the basis for the coordination conference FTE B from 26 to 29 March 2018.

The IM acted at the FTE A conference as advisors and thus they gained an overview of the capacity requirements to be expected of the RU for the timetable 2019.


Übersicht der Mitglieder