FTE C/D Conferences 2019

From July 1st to July 4th the coordination conferences FTE D Freight Traffic and FTE Passenger Traffic took place in Grand Hotel Union Ljubljana. Around 400 dossiers have been treated.

handshake between Prorail and DB Netz

FTE D Freight Traffic Conference in the Grand Hall of Grand Hotel Union

DB Cargo Deutschland showing team spirit

SBB Cargo International

discussions between CAPTRAIN and LINEAS

FTE C Passenger Traffic Conference

Loris Spinelli and Fabio Martinello from HUPAC

Euripides Sakellariou, PEARL from Greece

we are delighted to have welcomed RTB Cargo and Crossrail as visitors, who have taken the opportunity to get an insight into the FTE D conference

Raymond Rosewick, RTB CARGO

At the same time Maté Bák from RailNetEurope held several sessions on the usage of the Path Coordination System Tool (PCS), which is meant to ease the coordination works between railway undertakings in the future.

Parallel the conference FTE C Passenger Traffic Conference took place that included fine-tuning of the deployment of coaches/wagons EWP, validation of the Draft Timetable (Path Offer) and phrasing of observations, preparation and harmonisation of «Late Path Requests» as well as consultation of measures regarding construction works with international impact.

Welcome new members!

Furthermore, we would like to welcome our new Members, Hupac from Switzerland and PEARL from Greece, and give them an opportunity to address a few words to the international railway family:

HUPAC has joined Forum Train Europe on 1st of July 2019. Loris Spinelli as their representant felt warmly welcomed at FTE C/D in Ljubljana by the other Railway Undertakings:

“I have had a very good first impression, it is a good opportunity for us as a company that has no own railcars to contact with the railway undertakings from Europe and to get a better understanding of the railway business, such as planning work and timetable deadlines. As one of the main operators of combined transport it is also very important for us to have direct contact with IMs. It’s very work-intensive, but also a very welcoming ambiance and it allows us to collaborate directly with our partner railway undertakings, and therefore resolve potential problems in an early stage thanks to direct discussion channels. We are looking forward to being working together with Forum Trian Europe and its other members in the future, to mutually benefit from the profound knowledge present at these conferences”

PEARL has joined Forum Train Europe on 1st of July 2019, Euripides Sakellariou as their representative says it is an honour for them to be a member of the association:

"The participation of PEARL on the FTE C/D 2019 meeting was of high interest and full of fruitful meetings. The railway family has offered me a warm welcome and made me feel comfortable among them, which also helped facilitate decisions to be taken about corridors and train paths. I would hereby like to thank the FTE chair and the board for giving us the opportunity to be an equal member of the European rail family. PEARL as the sole rail operator for Piraeus Port shipments, to/from Central Europe, lies on the uninterrupted efforts of the Association in the aim to ensure smooth rail operations for the international traffic by strengthening cooperation among stakeholders towards removing bottlenecks."


We are delighted to have welcomed RTB Cargo and Crossrail as visitors, who have taken the opportunity to get an insight into the FTE D conference.

Goodbye Giampiero

The FTE C conference was a special occasion for Giampiero Ciprigno from Trenitalia, who joined us for the last time, since he will now enjoy his time as a retiree. We wish him all the best and many joyful moments in this new career.

FTE B/D Work programme

We’ve had significantly more participants at FTE B/D Freight Traffic Conferences 2019 than in previous years. This means more proposals/meetings, which makes the work programme very difficult to establish. We have too many meeting requests (total of 400 per conference) and not enough time slots. Another issue is that many of the requests are about status quo and a lot of participants are increasingly only present Tuesdays/Wednesdays, although the conference officially starts on Monday morning and lasts until Thursday 18:00. To solve these challenges and improve efficiency, the FTE Working Group Freight will take on this task to work out a proposed solution.

Also you can find the presentation about SmartRail 4.0 from the Pleanry Assembly in the member area or under bit.ly/30CFXvp

Marisa Emery, mailto:marisa.emeryforumtraineuropeeu




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