TTR (redesign of the timetabling process)

FTE is looking for Members participating in the TTR RU-core team

TTR is our most important project and the work on the realization of TTR is becoming more intense and demanding as there are still many open points and reasonable concerns amongst the members. To find the common ground of the concerns as well as to strengthen the RU opinion in TTR in general FTE office will propose a TTR RU-core team. The TTR core team will meet around twice yearly and aims to find common positions of RUs. Only with common positions RUs can have a strong voice. We are seeking for members willing to participate. Please forward your participation to

Commercial conditions: the works on the Commercial conditions enter phase II, which is an IM-internal phase led by RNE. As the differences within IMs are big (i.e. the question of the reciprocity) this step is necessary and a huge task for RNE. Also, we need to sharpen our common points to a common position - therefore a RU-internal meeting has been scheduled - it will take place on the 17th of October in Paris. It is very important that many RUs will form this group.

Edgar Schenk, edgar.schenkforumtraineuropeeu


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