Working Group IT

The 5th of June 2019 marked a large change in the long history of FTE, where the Working Group for Information Technology WG IT has been established and mandated to advice both the commission for Freight Traffic and the Commission for Passenger Traffic on FTE’s technological advances.

In the Era of digitalization and transformation no organization can afford to grow without modern technological tools. The WG IT and the Commissions have the task of organizing themselves internally and externally to reach the correct technical conclusions at the right time. RNE as a “sister” organization to FTE stood by our side and enabled us to reach this achievement. They stand today ready to cooperate with FTE on transforming the European TT into a modern, market-oriented tool that benefit the whole Rail sector.

The approved CEF call funding agreement sets the goals of this 4-year transformation phase, the first meeting for WG IT is currently being planned for August in cooperation with the Heads of Commissions to layout the cornerstones and plan the roadmap for this phase. PCS is an existing system and TTR is the future. It is advantageous to FTE members to take the Active Role in both systems to ensure that their needs and visions are being incorporated into both systems

Andrew Hermann, andrew.hermannforumtraineuropeeu


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