TTR Plenary Day 2019

2019 so far has been a very productive and eventful year for the programme 'Redesign of the International Timetabling Process' (TTR). With the launch of national TTR implementation projects, RailNetEurope and Forum Train Europe cordially invited the many TTR contributors and stakeholders to the TTR Plenary Day on 25th September 2019 to Vienna.

Aside from a plenary session in which an overview over the idea behind TTR and its objectives was provided, a total of five breakout sessions took place, focusing on important TTR subjects:

  • Legal framework for TTR
  • Planning and coordination of Temporary Capacity Restrictions (TCRs)
  • Current status, results and outlook on TTR pilots
  • IT-landscape
  • Full description of the TTR-process.

These sessions have provided a platform for an interactive exchange between RU and IM representatives.

The end of the TTR Plenary Day has been marked by an online survey, in which participants were asked to state their opinion regarding TTR subjects, with promising results for TTR. The programme team highlighted that TTR is a very important programme, and participation of all sector stakeholders is strongly encouraged to achieve a state of the project which proves beneficial for everyone. On that subject, the audience requested to get even more information on TTR, with a focus on the implementation and organisation of TTR and the TTR process. Therefore, the TTR team will start preparing further general events.

All presentations from the TTR Plenary Day - including the survey results - can be found enclosed to this article. For further information regarding TTR, please visit and (for summarized content) and (for the TTR documentation).


Übersicht der Mitglieder