FTE Plenary Assembly June 2020

On 10 June 2020 for the first time ever in FTE history our annual Plenary Assembly took place digitally. We had a record number of 69 participants from 40 Freight and Passenger RUs. The FTE Staff and the President Stephan Pfuhl met for the first time in three months (of course keeping their distance) using a 360° camera for the meeting.

FTE Office meeting for the first time in person after 3 months of working from home

FTE Executive Board

Edgar Schenk, Managing Director FTE and Stephan Pfuhl, President FTE

Major topics were the FTE IT Strategy, PCS and a decision on TOM worlds as well as TTR, Finances and Budget. The most important results:

The status of the IT strategy was reviewed and the next steps in the areas of PCS and TOM were given the green light. In addition, the organisation of the TTR Migration Concept with the inclusion of FTE was accepted as a groundbreaking decision. A decision on a new Cost Distribution Key was also taken, the majority was in favor of the Status Quo.

For the first time the members voted electronically, which worked very well.

Although the meeting was online it was very efficient and participants made widely use of the chat function for their inputs and questions.

This year we will have a second Plenary Assembly on 25 November 2020 and hopefully - if the COVID-situation allows it - we can meet in Bern face to face.


Übersicht der Mitglieder