Forum Train Europe is looking for a Senior Project Manager

Work somewhere awesome like in "the international railway family", doing something you love and are passionate about.

Organising the European Timetable Conferences for nearly 150 years, FTE is also the voice of the railway undertakings (RU) to develop the future management of capacity on the whole continent. Thus, with a large history and experience, we are passionately working to create the timetabling of the future, serving freight and passenger RUs and their customers alike.

For the small, experienced and committed FTE office team, smart working with our home base in Bern (Switzerland), we are looking for an experienced Senior Expert / Senior Project Manager for the next possible date.

Edgar Schenk is the managing director at Forum Train Europe since 2019. If you have any
questions regarding this job offering or would like to arrange a phone call, as well as in order to
apply, please contact him by email


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