FTE Joint Commissions debating the future of FTE Conferences

Prior to the Plenary Assembly on June 9th, 2021, the FTE Commissions for Freight and Passenger met for a joint session.

Being a forum for discussion, FTE members exchanged views on the current topics at FTE, mainly TTR, improvements in the current annual planning process and IT. Special focus was on the development of the FTE Conferences, ensuring to give added value to FTE Members now and in future. Benefits deriving from new IT support and potential adaptations to the future TTR process have been discussed, as well as learnings from the pandemic. This may (or may not) be combined with the future RU input into the TTR Capacity Modelling, as the process and the supporting data (content and format) are currently worked on in the dedicated FTE working group for Capacity Needs Announcements.

Again on a personel note, Stephane Faivre-Rampant announced his good-bye as leader of the FTE Working Group of Passenger. The Joint Commissions thanked Stephane for his passionate work and excellent knowledge (not only) in path planning and allocation.

The next FTE Plenary Assembly and Joint Commissions are planned for November 23, 2021.


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