TTR Statement FTE Plenary Assembly

The FTE Members have unanimously (one abstention) decided on the Plenary Assembly on 09.06.2021 to issue the following statement towards stakeholders of the TTR Programme:

“Railway Undertakings (RUs) – organised by FTE – have always underlined the need to adapt the timetable procedures to market needs, resulting in the common TTR program. FTEs members appreciate the work done and ask for the timely implementation. As such, any approach leading to a fast, market-oriented, and harmonized development of capacity management is supported by RUs, as long as it respects the major key requirements:

1. Stability and reliability: Early and reliable TCR planning with detailed, reliable path calculations and as little impact on commercial capacity as possible

2. Fulfilling needs of Passenger customers: Earlier final and stable path offer, in order to open reservation systems earlier (competitiveness against plane and bus)

3. Fulfilling needs of Freight customers: capacity for shorter-term requests to fulfil short-term market needs of freight customers (“Rolling Planning”) and Multiannual path/capacity commitments allowing RUs to fulfil commitments beyond timetable changes (competitiveness against road)

4. Cross-border harmonization: Harmonized and efficient processes, rules, digital access/interfaces, and harmonized execution between IMs.

5. Full implementation (does not mean geographically identical1): Avoid hybrid situations but have full implementation of the four mentioned statements as package and allow for constant common improvements learned from pilots and early implementations.

6. Fact based improvements: Prove that the package is working with appropriate measures, showing that it does not have a negative impact on either Passenger or Freight traffic.

The implementation of TTR will be a major change for the full sector. The RUs are strongly supporting improvements in capacity management that fulfil customers’ needs to achieve the benefits for RUs and IMs. Backing the goal of better usage of capacity by both IMs and RUs, while still allowing RUs to have market-oriented capacity (e.g. tailor made where needed), we are convinced that we contribute to improve the competitiveness of the Railway sector. “

1) TTR measures shall be taken were appropriate, e.g. no capacity pre-partitioning is needed on lines with little mixed traffic; still having the same path order/offer timelines


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