FTE Joint Working Groups Passenger, Freight, and IT

On the 15th and 16th of September the FTE Joint Working Groups Passenger, Freight, and IT took place online.

The topics discussed covered the development of TTR including the new Capacity Needs Announcements process, the future development of the FTE conferences, the influence of Temporary Capacity Restrictions and the best practice exchange on possible allocation rules. With regards to the allocation rules, Martin Aronsson (also represented “RISE -Research Institutes of Sweden”) and Per-Åke Wärn from the Swedish Infrastructure Manager Trafikverket joined the meeting as a guest and presented the Swedish model of allocation rules, which is based on the socio-economic benefits of a train. Additionally, ideas for next years 150-year jubilee of FTE. Suggestions, and participation of members in the organisation of the Jubilee is warmly welcome.

Some key conclusions were

  •  TTR and all its parts must be commonly elaborated between RUs and IMs, and that IMs should increase communication and involvement of RUs in the concepts and implementation plans.
  •  RU-Processes for Capacity Needs Announcements will be tried in 2022 (pending on IMs implementation)
  • Path Allocation conflicts should best be solved in common workshops with IMs and all affected RUs, as dialogue amongst these appears the best way to find solutions for all businesses.
  • Next year’s FTE Conferences and Working Groups shall be hybrid meetings in order to return to the benefits of working face to face again, but providing a backup in case of further restrictions on travelling.

The next meeting was scheduled for 09 February 2022 with a new pattern agreed amongst FTE and RNE: FTEs meetings will be before the RNE Capacity Management Advisory Group in order to facilitate common RU input.


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