FTE B Conferences 2021

For the second year in a row the FTE B Freight and Passenger Traffic Conferences took place once again online in March 2021...

digitalized process introduced at FTE B Freight Traffic

At FTE B Passenger Traffic Conference 100 participants from 26 European countries attended online at the different meetings between RU's and IMs. The main objectives of this second passenger traffic conference of the year 2021 were on the one hand to harmonize the definitive offer concept for the timetable 2022 on the international level between the railway undertakings (RUs) and on the other hand to prepare the path requests for international Passenger Traffic that will be submitted to the Infrastructure Managers (IMs) via Path Coordination System (PCS). The the IMs will then elaborate the paths on national level and harmonize it on international level.

In order to coordinate path requests at FTE B Freight Traffic Conference between RU’s submitted to IM/RFC, 124 participants treated 341 proposals in 212 in bi- and multilateral over four days. We’ve had a record in RFC C-OSS participation which was a great benefit for the participants.  

With pretty much everyone working in home office, it was the right timing to digitalize the whole process. Therefore we have introduced a new function in the member area where all decisions can be submitted and signed electronically which saved the participants a lot of time and reduced paper and email flood.

The next FTE D Freight Traffic Coordination Conference will take place from July 5th-8th, 2021. FTE C Passenger Traffic Conference from July 6th-8th, 2021. We will decide and inform in May if it takes places again online, on-site in Ljubljana or even hybrid depending on the epidemiological situation and travel restrictions in Europe.


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