FTE Plenary Assembly November 2020

On the 25th of November FTE’s second Plenary Assembly in 2020 took place. The RU community took the opportunity to take some decisions which will allow FTE to better conduct their work in the future, namely the finalised IT-Strategy has been approved, and the second phase of Change request for PCS has been decided, where one change request will first be created as a mock-up to see the benefits better. FTE also decided to hand over the results and findings from the TOM-Project to the Joint Sector Group as the competent entity to further progress this topic. Regarding non-IT related topics, a few minor changes to the statutes have been approved, and Maurizio Capotorto and Stephan Pfuhl re-elected for another term in their respective roles, for which we congratulate them. We wish you all very happy Holidays.


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