FTE receiving the Connecting Europe Express in Basel to promote TTR and digital capacity management

Tuesday, 28.09.2021 has been a special day for Forum Train Europe FTE: we could welcome the ConnectingEuropeExpress in Basel SBB after its 26-day journey throughout Europe.

In the ambience of the salon coach FTE organised a dialogue with stakeholders from RUs and several railway-related organisations on the topic of capacity management.

Connecting Europe Express crossing the Aare in Trimbach SO

Prof. Paweł Wojciechowski of the European Commission welcomed the participants and explained the idea of the CEE in the context of the Green deal. Edgar Schenk, Managing Director of FTE, pointed out the goals of the timetable redesign programme TTR, which is led by RailNetEurope (RNE) in cooperation with FTE. It is the most important project in the field of smart capacity management at European level. With TTR, timetable planning processes will be modernised across Europe, adapted to market needs, and harmonised. The aim is to achieve more planning security and stability for the Railway Undertakings. In addition, access to capacity is to be simplified, digitalised and, above all, made possible at short notice especially for freight traffic. The aim is to design a reliable and market-oriented offer for the end customer in the complex railway system. Edgar Schenk said with regard to the representatives of the European Commission, CER (Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies) and DG Move that support at the European level will be necessary above all for legislation.



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