In order to test some TTR elements and support the change management on RU side, the FTE Plenary Assembly in November 2021 agreed to conduct FTE pilots in 2022. On of them is the FTE Capacity Needs Announcement (shortly CNA) pilot.

The CNA pilot aims to analyse the possibility of providing early information (until X-24) regarding expected capacity needs for the sector to allow the IMs to create a reliable Capacity Model, Capacity Supply and input for consultation of significant Temporary Capacity Restrictions (more about TTR you find here). The idea of the CNAs is that RUs (or Applicants) provide preliminary information on what traffics they intend to run in two years' time. This allows detecting bottlenecks and conflicts ahead of time, giving more time for finding alternative solutions. You can read more about the CNA process in the FTE CNA Guidelines (downloadable in more languages);

The CNA pilot, of which the first phase will be conducted in spring and summer 2022, has the objective of trying out the defined process on a limited scope, namely a few selected (preferably international) routes, on which RUs will be asked to create and harmonise their expected capacity needs. This should help us to identify difficulties in the process, as well as evaluate if the tools used provide the necessary support to RUs. In the next phases, it has to be also checked whether can IMs work with the data provided and how to organise the mutual IMs-CNA submitters dialogues on the future capacity design.

Join the pilot

The pilot will start with the test of the RU side of the process in April 2022. To get a good overview of the possibilities of CNAs it is important that more RUs from various geographical regions participate in this pilot; therefore all FTE RU members are encouraged to join the pilot. We also would like to encourage IMs to participate in the following phases in order to archive the full scope of the pilot.

If you would like to join, please get in touch with fabian.hunkeler (at) forumtraineurope.eu or sebastian.carek (at) forumtraineurope.eu.


Overview of Members