RUs Support Key Improvements in Capacity Management

Today, April 4th 2022, FTE publishes its response to the Call for Evidence of the European Commission.

In this response, Railway Undertakings stress the need to improve capacity management policies both cross-border and national and to cover all use of capacity, meaning for freight, passenger as well as for temporary capacity restrictions (TCRs). Key areas of improvement include:

  • Capacity Management for all users
  • Stability of committed paths is key to fulfilling the customer needs
  • Network instead of corridor view
  • Linking capacity management of paths with capacity in service facilities, terminals, sidings, nodes etc.
  • Incentives for market orientation for all stakeholders
  • Collaborative decision making also cross border
  • Market oriented planning
  • Digitalisation to serve business
  • Transparency for continuous improvements

FTE welcomes the approach to examine improvements to the related legislation as outlined in the Call for Evidence.

FTEs response can be found here.

Further positions on capacity management are available and will continue to be published on our website:

The European Commission collects input from the rail sector and also the general public via different means in 2022. This serves for potential improvements of rail capacity management policies in Europe. The Call for Evidence is a first step to collect short statements. Another ongoing step is the Impact Assessment, using more detailed surveys, workshop and interviews.


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