Forum Train Europe celebrates 150 years of European Timetable Conferences (1872-2022)

150 years ago the first international timetable conference was held and 100 years ago its organisation was entrusted to SBB. The timetable conferences still exist today, they are organised every year by Forum Train Europe (FTE). And SBB still hosts the FTE association today, even though it is now legally independent.

Therefore, we had good reasons for a ceremony. On 8 June 2022 we took a round trip in a special train - a train that symbolises "connecting Europe" like nothing else: the last remaining of once five electric TEE multiple units. The Trans-Europ-Express (TEE) trains were a marvel of technology: built in 1961, they could run under all four European power systems. They had only first class carriages in addition to a dining car and bar car. Comfort and luxury pushed the boundaries at that time. On board of the train 125 guests from our members, partner organisations and many more from all across Europe and enjoyed a 6-hour journey through beautiful Switzerland accompanied by a simple multi-course dinner.

This is the video of the journey made by WhiteMovie Production:


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