Post-traineeship interview: Jan Renc

Forum Train Europe launched 2022 a traineeship program, giving both graduates and student the opportunity to become part of the FTE team for several months and, by this, boost their careers. Jan Renc joined FTE as the first trainee for the period February – August. The task he had to handle were mostly related to the ongoing revision of the EU legislation, driven by DG MOVE, but also assisting FTE colleagues in various projects and representing members' interests. During the traineeship, Jan used his skills relevant to his master's studies and became the "data analyst guy". We asked Jan a few questions about his experience after seven months.

Good morning Jan, today is your very last day in the office at Bern Wankdorf, how do you perceive the traineeship?

Hi, I cannot express all of my feelings, however, all of them are positive. The traineeship was an incredible experience, and I am glad I was selected and got this opportunity. I had high expectations and knew the traineeship would push me forward and improve my skills; honestly, I had not expected how much will be these expectations exceeded. Truly, a great experience.

We are glad to hear that. Could you describe in more detail what were your areas of responsibility?

Sure. Looking back, my areas of responsibility were closely connected to my fields of interest and studies. The majority of the traineeship I spent on a project called Commercial Conditions in which we prepared a summary of members' needs and afterwards were trying to help the European Commission and their supporting services to understand the issues that the market faces in detail and how can good commercial conditions address the problem. This project required daily contact with Railway Undertaking (FTE members), data research and analysis. Furthermore, I have to mention the Allocation Rules project on which the community is working together with some IMs. The aim is to use more modern and effective methods for capacity allocation, namely, using the socio-economic criteria to calculate the best option of capacity distribution for the railway market.

It sounds like you were in close touch with all stakeholders. How was your cooperation with them, especially with the FTE team?

All of them are professionals and have common targets, and even though our ways of solving problems were sometimes different, we found the solutions suitable for all. Working within the FTE team was unique. A small team of different personalities, extremely motivated and efficient people, that share their skills, and know-how and motivate each other to even higher performance. For the whole period, I felt like a tantamount colleague and enjoyed discussions on actual work topics in the office or less formally during lunches, coffee breaks etc.

It was also a pleasure to cooperate and interview colleagues from both RUs and IMs from different parts of Europe, the French, the Norwegians, the Swedish, the Polish. Everyone has slightly other styles and needs, and having the possibility to hear people talking about the same thing from different angles is very enriching.

You also had the possibility to attend business trips in the CEE region, see how is the Plenary Assembly is going, you joined us on FTE C and D conferences in Ljubljana and finally, you joined 175 years Jubilee TEE ride in Olten. Can you say which occasion was the best?

Hearing how much FTE did for me is amazing. Unfortunately :) , I cannot say which of those occasions was the best one as all were unique and new to me. From all of them, I have amazing memories, however, definitely, the strongest one is when the TEE train finally came to the platform, and I saw hundreds of adults that were feeling just the same way as I was. Blessed and honoured that I can be on board!

The last question is of this interview is simple. Is there anything that you would like wish to FTE or railway before you leave?

Well, many thoughts are on my mind, so I will try to be brief and clear. Firstly, I want to thank all the FTE team for their friendly approach, willingness to help and the atmosphere they have in their office. The traineeship was, as I said, an amazing opportunity, and I am proud I was offered to join the FTE team.

I wish the entire FTE and also the SBB teams to continue their work with as much enthusiasm and commitment as they have done so far and to be among the top in the railway sector. At the same time, I also wish the future intern Thomas to be at least as satisfied with his internship as I was and to take away, among other things, great memories.

Thank you, Jan, for the interview, and we wish you all the best in your future career. We can underline that the traineeship program is open for application, and every interested person can find more details on our dedicated webpage:


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