Capacity management platform

FTE is the European platform for Railway Undertakings for Capacity Management and Timetabling. Freight RUs and Passenger RUs, irrespectively where they are considered as incumbent or new entrants are joining the same tables to tackle the key capacity challenges and improve the competitiveness of carriage by rail. Although being competitors, FTE members share the problems on the same infrastructure, they share the wish to have transparent and standardised processes, and they would like to have a market-orientated and efficient service from IMs.

FTE members meet regularly to discuss important issues for RUs in the capacity management area. Each member has the possibility to bring own topics and discuss it with others. Positions are consolidated, and if needed further steps are taken towards Infrastructure Managers and other European stakeholders.

Some of the groups and occasions also provide an excellent opportunity for both operative and management staff of FTE RUs to strengthen their contact network and exchange experience. FTE also supports the formation of international and national coalitions of RUs to strengthen the RUs´ voice towards IMs and other stakeholder, push for change management and gather use cases, data and create common positions.

Several groups are also established together with RNE and IMs. In these groups, FTE RUs can provide feedback on the IMs´ processes and performance and discuss steps jointly how to improve the shortcomings. FTE is also the initiator and co-designer of TTR process and TTR IT (DCM), and members are working together with IMs on the capacity management processes for the future.

Some of the main business working groups are listed below:
  • FTE WG Passenger
  • FTE WG Freight
  • FTE-ERFA TCR WG (Temporary Capacity Restrictions)
  • RU Ambassadors Group
  • Capacity Management Advisory Group (with RNE)
  • TTR Process Group (with RNE)