European Capacity Management Tool (ECMT) is a web-based system which is expected to serve as the European capacity hub in near future. ECMT is expect to give access to applicants to TTR Capacity Models, TTR Capacity Supplies and provide a solution for their consultation. Moreover, ECMT should also include the management of the Capacity Needs Announcements, which might be sent by applicants to IMs as an input for their Capacity Models and Capacity Supplies (potentially including also TCR consultation).

The system owner of ECMT is RailNetEurope (RNE). FTE serves as the key business advisor for the software development, by definition and consolidation of RUs´ expectations and needs. While FTE IT WG and FTE CNA WG provide direct input, FTE members have also possibility to join the ECMT Advisory Board and jointly with IMs co-design and test new functions.

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