Path Coordination System (PCS) is a webbased communication system for the international coordination process between the railway undertakings and the infrastructure managers during the production and train path planning phases. The system owner of PCS is RailNetEurope (RNE). Nevertheless, FTE members can benefit from the possibility to participate in the PCS User Group, the fact that FTE serves as a co-developer of the software and finally the FTE members also receive a general support in the respective planning processes.

PCS User Group: is a joint group of IMs, RFCs and FTE RUs, where the newest releases and functions are presented and discussed. The members of the group can participate in test sessions and provide feedback to RNE and developers.

PCS co-development: FTE is the exclusive co-developer of PCS and FTE also financially contributes to the further PCS development. FTE RUs define their own PCS change requests, to make the software more RU-orientated and respecting their needs. Each request is duly discussed in the respective FTE groups and afterwards submitted to RNE for implementation.

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