CNA Pilot

Implementation of the new TTR process foresees the introduction of the so-called Capacity Needs Announcement (hereafter CNA) process. The process should give Applicants the possibility to provide on what traffic they intend to run in approx. two years' time. The CNAs are to be used in the future by the IMs as one of several inputs to create reliable Capacity Models (pilot focus), Capacity Supply and they may where applicable also serve as input for consultation of selected significant Temporary Capacity Restrictions. This is a very new process for the sector, thus it has required appropriate tests, thus it was decided to run a pilot.

1st RU-only phase

During 2021, the TTR-compliant process for CNAs was elaborated by the FTE CNA Working Group (WG). As a result, the respective FTE CNA Guidelines were drafted to support FTE RUs in understanding and implementing this new process. The guidelines are now publicly available and accessible also for non-FTE applicants here.

Following the decision of the FTE Plenary Assembly on 23 November 2021, in spring 2022 the FTE community conducted the first RU-only phase of the TTR CNA Pilot, the aim was to test the creation and harmonisation of the CNAs for timetable 2025. The interested RUs had the opportunity to prepare jointly together for the future of capacity management. The learnings from the pilot phase were gathered, and presented to joint IM-RU bodies, they will be used for further process fine-tuning, and they are already included into the ECMT (RNE´s software for CNAs) development roadmap. The pilot report from the 1st RU-only phase is available now for download.

TTR CNA Pilot report (RU-only 1st phase) v1.0 (PDF)


2nd IM-RU phase

The second phase of the TTR CNA Pilot, including both RUs and IMs has started on 12 September 2022 with a joint kick-off meeting (report and presentations are here). In the second phase, RUs are given opportunity to submit the CNAs for timetable 2025 to IMs on the selected lines. The IMs will process them, attempt to include their input into the Capacity Models (and in part of Europe also Capacity Supply) and consult those CNAs that cannot be fully considered by them.

How to join the pilot and where to get more information?

Presentation from the kick-off meeting, here you find information about CNAs and TTR process, applicable geographical scope for the Pilot of timetable 2025, and contacts to the IMs.

You can find more detailed written information online about CNAs in the FTE CNA Guidelines (EN, FR, IT, DE, CS) and RNE Capacity Model Handbook (EN).

Contact the participating IMs/ABs//RFCs: ÖBB Infra, Infrabel, HŽ Infra, Správa Železnic, VPE, RFI, ProRail, CFR Infra, ŽSR, SŽ Infra, SBB Infra – BLS Netz, BDK, ScanMed RFC. (you may use the contacts on slide 24 in the presentation)

Note that due to the competition on the railway market, any submitted CNA is treated by IMs with the high-level of confidentiality.

Pilot timeline

  • 17 October 2022: CNAs for timetable 2025 can be submitted into ECMT.
  • 12 December 2022: Last day for the CNA submissions.
  • 09 January 2023: Notification of first analysis of submitted CNAs to the CNA submitters (acknowledged / to be updated / not (fully) considered).
  • 30 January 2023: Possibility to update of CNAs in case it was requested by the IMs.
  • 13 February 2023: Conclusion on submitted CNAs (acknowledged / not considered)
  • 13 March 2023: Publication of Draft Capacity Models including CNAs acknowledged
  • 28 March 2023: Intermediate Workshop to assess first findings by RNE.
  • 13 March – June 2023: IMs – Applicants consultation on those CNAs, which cannot be fully in considered in the final Capacity Model.
  • 12 June 2023: Publication of Final Capacity Models.
  • June 2023: Online survey to collect information on gained experiences & proposals for the further development of CNA Process (RNE).

How to submit a CNA?

The Applicants can submit CNAs via the software of RNE, European Capacity Management Tool (ECMT). From 17 October, the CNA module will be deployed in ECMT.

You can request your account and access ECMT:

The CNA module is also available in test/staging environment, which you can use to get familiar with the tool. To get an accont, click on the link: for login and password insert without brackets: «iv». Afterwards you can request the account in the same way as in production.

How a CNA can be created? Either directly in ECMT, or stakeholders can also use the excel file, and import the CNAs into ECMT afterwards. Below you find excel import file, and another excel file which contains instructions, legend and samples. RNE also provided videos as support, check how to export CNA, how to import CNA via excel, how to import CNA via browser.