TTR videos

On this page you find the links to the published TTR videos.

TTR – Introduction

On the occasion of the PRIME RU Dialogue on 18 November 2021, a new «TTR for Smart Capacity Management» video has been launched. RailNetEurope (RNE) and Forum Train Europe (FTE) jointly produced this video to increase awareness of the European programme.

What is TTR?

The «What is TTR» video was created in 2018 to explain the basics behind the TTR programme, needed TTR components and the pilot approach valid for that time.

Digital Capacity Management (DCM)

In order to ensure smooth and fast communication in the complex capacity management environment, the process must be supported by European and national IT systems, using modern technology. Having identified this need, the TTR IT project team has conceptualised a new European IT environment – the TTR IT landscape – also called Digital Capacity Management (DCM). There is also an initiative called Digital Capacity Management by Rail Freight Forward (RFF). This initiative by RUs aims to motivate IMs towards the implementation of modern IT support with the goal of digitalisation, automatisation and optimisation of the capacity management process and providing good quality capacity «at a click at any time». FTE is supporting this initiative.