Forum Train Europe Kicks Off 2024 with Record-Breaking FTE A Conference in Ljubljana

Forum Train Europe commenced the year 2024 with a resounding success hosting the FTE A Conference in Ljubljana from 9-12 January. The event has already made history with a record-breaking attendance of nearly 150 participants, underlining the growing significance of cross-border rail coordination within the European railway industry.

At the heart of the FTE A Conference lies its primary purpose: to materialise the train products for the first time into a real timetable and potentially request from Infrastructure Managers feasibility studies. Passenger Railway Undertakings (RUs) from all corners of Europe will either cooperate with each other to form a good, seamless cross-border connection for passengers, or they would even put their concepts in mutual competition. The discussions about timetable year 2025 encompass routes such as the night train from Vienna to Bucharest, the connection from Paris to Milan, and many other cross-border journeys that are set to shape European rail travel in the coming year.

The FTE A Conference also benefits from the participation of Infrastructure Managers, who play an important advisory role concerning the intended paths, and they are able to meet a significant number of their customers, as well as coordinate with other IMs within one single event. They engage in the critical task of conducting the initial assessment of intended train paths, ensuring the efficiency and sustainability of the planned routes.

What sets this edition of the conference apart is not just the remarkable attendance figures but also the significant milestone it marks for the city of Ljubljana. This year, the FTE A Conference celebrates its 20th anniversary since it was first hosted in Ljubljana back in January 2004. This milestone signifies two decades of dedication to fostering cross-border rail connectivity and creating sustainable travel options for Europeans.

The growing importance and urgency of cross-border traffic within the railway industry are evident in the remarkable turnout at this year's conference. As the European railway network continues to expand and evolve, the FTE A Conference remains a key operational-level event, where stakeholders shape the future of rail travel on the continent.

FTE extends its appreciation to its members  and all participants for their dedication in advancing cross-border rail connectivity and offering sustainable travel options to Europeans.