Reliable Trains Are Possible if the Frameworks Are Right

With Europe’s ageing rail infrastructure finally receiving significant funding for renewal, the planning of construction works – called Temporary Capacity Restrictions (TCRs) – and the planning of the affected trains are considered the crucial topic for the next decade.
Providing reliable, good quality rail services to passengers and freight needs efforts from RUs and IMs, working to suitable frameworks set by Europe and the Member States. 

Member States can improve these frameworks by
•    Improving financing itself as well as financing timelines
•    Improving tendering processes for construction works
•    Improving and aligning public consultation rules for construction works
•    Creating long-term perspectives also for the contractor sector
•    Ensuring the provision of suitable rerouting alternatives in the case of major capacity restrictions
•    Supporting the sector in EU legislative revision
Instead of being “cheapest for IM” it would turn to “optimal for the sector”.

In its newest article FTE explains how Member States, the EU and the Sector together can make a change for better rail transport. The full article is available here.

The FTE community looks forward to supporting the improvements to TCRs in 2024 and beyond!