TTR Day 2023

The stage was set with compelling keynote speeches delivered by prominent figures:

  • Kristian Schmidt, Director at DG MOVE
  • FTE President Philipp Mäder from SBB CFF FFS (see video)
  • Johann Pluy, Board Member at ÖBB Infra

Following these illuminating talks four panels discussed the implementation of TTR and the effects the proposal for the capacity regulation might have. The first panel agreed that the implementation of TTR requires effort and collaboration from the whole sector, while the second panel focused on the target picture and the next steps. Anticipation was high as the third panel provided a preliminary analysis of the proposed regulation, underlining the importance of market involvement. Finally, the fourth panel offered a glimpse to future developments beyond TTR.

For those who missed it or wish to revisit the discussions, you can access the event recording and presentation slides here: